Quality Improvement As Key to Business Excellence


Credit for photo: Dan Harper

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | September 29 – 30, 2014

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the Sixth Annual Canadian Quality Congress. We are looking forward to your participation and appreciate your contributions in advance.

  • Learn how quality makes a difference in everything we do, including what we buy, sell, use and consume.
  • Find out why every company should get into quality training for their employees.
  • Find out how others are saving millions of dollars using quality tools, technologies and programs.
  • Network with hundreds of attendees and exhibitors.
  • Benchmark your own practices with the best in the world.

Call for Papers

This year we have a Special Track on Healthcare Quality and Innovation. Those wishing to present a paper or join a panel discussion or interested in conducting a workshop on topics related to the Congress theme are required to submit their abstracts and proposals in 100 to 200 words along with a brief resume and contact details.

Papers are welcome from all multi-disciplinary areas of total quality management (TQM), including leadership, business strategies, human resource development and knowledge management issues applicable to government, education, manufacturing, construction, food safety-related industries, such services and from non-profit organisations.

Priority will be given to best practices and case studies applications that have resulted in measurable bottom line results. All papers should be typed in Microsoft Word Format in Times Roman, font Size 12 and to be sent by e mail csq@shaw.ca.

The deadline to submit a paper proposal is June 30th, 2014.

Network and connect people with ideas

  • Find the people having common interests and share what you know.
  • Focus on issues that shape your work and life.
  • What do you need to know? What are your challenges?

The 6th Canadian Quality Congress offers a unique opportunity for excellence-minded professionals to learn, share, and celebrate the positive contribution that quality business practices make to organizational performance.

This is the only event in Canada offering unique opportunity for quality practitioners from Canada and around the world and across genres to share their knowledge and experience in an intimate setting. The conference is attended by a good number of high caliber professionals and it allows ample time for everyone to connect with one another in a meaningful way.

Over the three day conference, there are opportunities to have face-to-face conversations with those in attendance including: informal networking, round table discussions with speakers, think tank sessions with keynote speakers and key members of the business community, and the Executive banquet.

For further enquiries regarding paper submission, please contact the Congress Technical Committee csq@shaw.ca

Eminent Keynote Addresses have been invited; further information will be posted on the Congress web site soon.

All accepted papers will be included in a Congress Proceeding published on website and some selected papers will be published in special issues of the journals published by the Emerald Publishers (UK).

Best Paper Award

All papers will be entitled for a competition for a Best Paper Award and a Highly Commended Paper Award sponsored by the Emerald Publishers.

Sponsors/Exhibitors Opportunities

If you would like to be a part of this international event either as an sponsor or an exhibitor in 2014, please csq@shaw.ca

What an Attendee Had to Say…

“Why didn’t any one think of starting out a Canadian Quality Congress much earlier!”

Wendy, from Vancouver, BC, Canada.